Formed over 25 years ago, Comar Systems Ltd manufacture a range of Marine Automatic Identification (AIS) products.

Comar Systems is the world leader in Automatic ship Identification. Comar Systems manufactures AIS transponders, receivers, splitters and antenna to suit all applications from large marine traffic and intelligence information providers to the work boat, fishing and private yacht industries. With a worldwide network of distributors and a manufacturing facility in the UK Comar is the go - to company for AIS equipment worldwide.

In 2015 Comar systems was acquired by the Katon Ingram group and joined its sister company, Marine Data Systems. This merger has gives Comar the advantage of an established R&D department with innovative design and engineering solutions and an enhanced manufacturing base with ISO 9001:2015 approval and the testing facilities associated with this quality.

Latterly Comar systems have developed a range of bespoke land based intelligent receivers for global monitoring, security, environmental and asset protection.

Our equipment is being used for such diverse applications as Port monitoring, Wind farms protection, large Marine and terminal developments. Detecting and policing illegal fishing, critical pipe line location and strike avoidance as well as environmental conservation and wildlife control.