FleetMon AIS Receiver R400N by Comar Systems

Introducing the R400N through the eyes of our customer

Words by Sebastian Olias
Fleetmon’s AIS network manager

“We are operating the ship tracking platform FleetMon, which is one of the largest AIS receiving networks in the world.
For this purpose, we install a large number of new AIS stations every year in various climatic regions accompanied by technical challenges.
We, therefore, have very high demands on the hardware we use to achieve the highest and the most stable coverage possible.
Thereby the devices must be extremely reliable and easy to maintain to keep the management of our network simple.

  • As early as in the first tests, the Comar R400N showed above-average coverage with a high reception range.
  • In continuous operation, we received an average of 20% more ships and the device delivered stable coverage with consistent quality.
  • The extensive configuration, such as user administration and network settings, made it possible to create completely new possibilities that were hardly imaginable using other solutions.
  • Thanks to the compact and stable design, the equipment can be easily packaged and shipped all over the world.

We have been using Comar Systems’ devices in large numbers for over a year. They have been very reliable without any problems.
The feedback from our partners is consistently positive because the units are easy to install and maintenance-free. This provides us with more time for our partners and the expansion of our network, for which we are constantly seeking new partners worldwide.”

Learn more about FleetMon: https://www.fleetmon.com/my/ais-stations


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