Antennas & Aerials

AIS-GPA-X-Antenna Fiberglass Antenna

AIS-GPA-X Fibreglass VHF Antenna with Universal Base

This Commercial Marine VHF Antenna is a GRP fiberglass construction, capable of withstanding the worst elements at sea or on land.

AIS-MAST Stainless Steel Whip Antenna

A lightweight stainless steel whip antenna for mounting to a mast.

AIS-GPA Base Station Antenna with Ground Plane

A base station antenna with ground plane for land and marine service and with a tunable frequency range.

AIS-COM Commercial Antenna

This omni-directional antenna has been specifically designed so that the user can dedicate one antenna for the narrowband frequency specified for AIS (Automatic Identification System).

AG100 AIS GPS Antenna

AG100 GPS Antenna

GPS antenna for use with the CSB200 Class B Transceiver and all Comar AIS receivers with a GPS input.