Legacy Products

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Old Model Name New Model Name USB GPS Ethernet Serial / RS232 Port NMEA2000 WiFi Built-in Splitter Requires VHF Antenna Requires GPS Antenna
CSB200 T200B
CSB200-S T200B-S
AIS3-R R200U
SLR350N R400N
SLR350Ni R500Ni
N/A R500NGi
N/A G300Ni
NMEA-2-WiFi I300W

AST200 Transmiter / Receiver Antenna Splitter

Shares the existing VHF antenna between an AIS Class ‘B’ Transponder (or any AIS Receiver) and a VHF Radio Transmitter

NMEA to WiFi Converter Interface Gateway

NMEA-2-WIFI NMEA to WIFI Interface Converter

A NMEA to WiFi Interface converter creates a wireless data gateway for re-transmission of AIS and other NMEA data around a boat or vessel, to smartphones, tablets & laptops.

ASR100 Receive Only Antenna Splitter

Shares an existing antenna between a VHF Radio Telephone and an AIS Receiver

AIS-MAST Stainless Steel Whip Antenna

A lightweight stainless steel whip antenna for mounting to a mast.

AIS-GPA Base Station Antenna with Ground Plane

A base station antenna with ground plane for land and marine service and with a tunable frequency range.

AIS-COM Commercial Antenna

This omni-directional antenna has been specifically designed so that the user can dedicate one antenna for the narrowband frequency specified for AIS (Automatic Identification System).

CSD300 Colour AIS Display Chartplotter

The CSD300 AIS Colour Display is designed for simple management, control and display of all AIS targets within VHF range. AIS data can be received from all AIS receivers, Class B or Class A transceivers and can be displayed either on a “radar” display, or overlaid on a worldwide background chart.

AIS-2-2000 NMEA 2000 Network Receiver

LEGACY PRODUCT. With NMEA 2000 output, the AIS-2-2000 is a low cost Dual Channel Parallel AIS Receiver