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Old Model Name New Model Name USB GPS Ethernet Serial / RS232 Port NMEA2000 WiFi Built-in Splitter Requires VHF Antenna Requires GPS Antenna
CSB200 T200B
CSB200-S T200B-S
AIS3-R R200U
SLR350N R400N
SLR350Ni R500Ni
N/A R500NGi
N/A G300Ni
NMEA-2-WiFi I300W
AS300 AIS / VHF Antenna Splitter

AS300 AIS / VHF Antenna Splitter

The AS300 Antenna Splitter from Comar Systems is designed to allow an AIS Class ‘B’ Transponder or an AIS Receiver to share the main VHF Antenna used by the VHF Radiotelephone