AST200 Transmiter / Receiver Antenna Splitter

Shares the existing VHF antenna between an AIS Class ‘B’ Transponder (or any AIS Receiver) and a VHF Radio Transmitter

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OVERVIEW – Legacy Product (Discontinued)

The Comar range of Antenna Splitter is designed to allow AIS Class ‘B’ transponders and all AIS receivers to share one main VHF Antenna used by the VHF Radio, thus removing the need and expense of installing an additional VHF antenna. The splitters are built to the highest standards to ensure that the performance of the AIS and VHF Radio equipment is not compromised.

AST200 Transmit and Receive Antenna Splitter

The AST200 is designed to be used with a Class B AIS transponder. Installation is quick and simple with interconnecting cables supplied to link the AIS transponder and the VHF Radio to the AST200.  When in operation, indicator LEDs show the current status of the unit. An additional antenna output socket is provided to allow connection to the boats FM radio.

Note: AIS reception will be blocked while you are transmitting on the VHF Radio.

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