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How do I pre-configure my R400N/R400NG unit to send AIS data over my network.

If you have purchased Comar’s R400N/R400NG AIS receiver and wish to configure the unit for setup at a remote location the following information may help you:

The default connection type for the unit is TCP/IP, this will enable you to to use single connection to a networked address such as providing information to MarineTraffic. As can be seen on the screenshot of the TCP page of the web interface the unit is set up in server mode as standard, allowing you to set the unit with an appropriate fixed IP address to be accessed by a program such as OpenCPN to receive the AIS data for display. If you know the specific location you wish to stream your data to the unit can also be switched to client mode and a specific IP address entered which the unit will send data to as long as a network connection is available.

If you wish to broadcast your data to multiple locations simultaneously you will need to switch the port profile to UDP. As seen in this screenshot of the UDP page the unit can again be set in server or client mode and in the latter a list of predetermined IP addresses to broadcast your AIS data to can be entered.

For a detailed explanation, please visit the support hub article: Configuring the R400N / R400NG for UDP and TCP connection



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