AIS-2-2000 NMEA 2000 Network Receiver

LEGACY PRODUCT. With NMEA 2000 output, the AIS-2-2000 is a low cost Dual Channel Parallel AIS Receiver

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The AIS-2-2000 reads and decodes all AIS messages that are specified and transmitted by AIS Class A and Class B transponders. The AIS targets together with all the static and dynamic information received is displayed on any compatible Chartplotter or Radar connected to the NMEA 2000 network.

  • Two AIS receivers monitor both AIS channels simultaneously.
  • Unlike many AIS receivers that claim to be dual channel the AIS-2-NMEA is a true parallel AIS receiver, ensuring that you receive the most up to date positions and information of all vessels around you.
  • NMEA 2000 output.
  • Powered by NMEA 2000.
  • For ultimate performance the AIS-2-2000 uses a dedicated VHF antenna or can share the boats existing VHF Antenna using the Comar ASR 100 Antenna splitter which will ensure AIS reception and VHF reception simultaneously whilst priortising the VHF/DSC radio when transmitting.


    • A low cost method of monitoring the position, speed and heading of other vessels within VHF range
    • Reception from both Class A and Class B vessels
    • Compact design and simple installation


    • Name of Vessel
    • MMSI Number
    • Position
    • Speed (SOG)
    • Course (COG)
    • Type of vessel
    • Call sign
    • Heading
    • Rate of Turn
    • Navigational Status
    • Vessel Dimensions
    • Destination


    • Dual Parallel Receivers
    • NMEA 2000 Output
    • Receives all AIS Messages
    • Powered by NMEA 2000
    • Simple installation
    • 1 Metre Drop Cable
    • Size: L 120 mm W 85 mm D 37 mm

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