Legacy Products

AST200 Transmiter / Receiver Antenna Splitter

Shares the existing VHF antenna between an AIS Class 'B' Transponder (or any AIS Receiver) and a VHF Radio Transmitter

NMEA to WiFi Converter Interface Gateway

NMEA-2-WIFI NMEA to WIFI Interface Converter

A NMEA to WiFi Interface converter creates a wireless data gateway for re-transmission of AIS and other NMEA data around a boat or vessel, to smartphones, tablets & laptops.

ASR100 Receive Only Antenna Splitter

Shares an existing antenna between a VHF Radio Telephone and an AIS Receiver

AIS-2-2000 NMEA 2000 Network Receiver

LEGACY PRODUCT. With NMEA 2000 output, the AIS-2-2000 is a low cost Dual Channel Parallel AIS Receiver