AIS Bundles

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Old Model Name New Model Name USB GPS Ethernet Serial / RS232 Port NMEA2000 WiFi Built-in Splitter Requires VHF Antenna Requires GPS Antenna
CSB200 T200B
CSB200-S T200B-S
AIS3-R R200U
SLR350N R400N
SLR350Ni R500Ni
N/A R500NGi
N/A G300Ni
NMEA-2-WiFi I300W

Powerboat AIS Transponder Package with GPS & Whip Antennas

The powerboat AIS bundle includes a T200B Class B Transponder, AG100 GPS Antenna, and AV100 Whip Antenna.

Sailboat AIS Transponder Package with Splitter & GPS Antenna

Perfect package for sailboats, including T200B-S Class B Transponder with built in Antenna Splitter, and AG100 GPS Antenna.