SLR400NG Network AIS Receiver for Coastal Monitoring

The SLR400NG is an AIS receiver unit with built in GPS Receiver and Ethernet interface, designed specifically for coastal monitoring of AIS equipped vessels.

SLR350Ni Intelligent AIS Receiver with WIFI

AIS receiver with WiFi and Ethernet for coastal monitoring applications. With embedded micro-computer. Ideal for creating a complete networked port monitoring solution.

SLR350N Network AIS Receiver

The Comar SLR350N is a Network AIS Receiver for Coastal Monitoring Applications. Connected to a PC, via the industry standard RJ45 Ethernet connector, the SLR350N enables AIS data to be viewed directly or shared on a local network.

COM100 Lightweight OEM AIS Receiver

Ideal for deployment in remote situations, where space, weight and reliability are critical factors. Specifically designed for use by system integrators in the professional market.

CSA300 Class A AIS Transponder

The CSA300 is a compact, state of the art Class A Transponder. The transponder and the high contrast monochrome display are both contained in a single robust enclosure.

CSB200-S Class B AIS Transponder

NEW PRODUCT: Class ‘B’ AIS Transponder with built-in Antenna Splitter. NMEA 0183 & NMEA 2000 compatible

AIS-GPA-X-Antenna Fiberglass Antenna

AIS-GPA-X Fibreglass VHF Antenna with Universal Base

This Commercial Marine VHF Antenna is a GRP fiberglass construction, capable of withstanding the worst elements at sea or on land.

Powerboat AIS Transponder Package with GPS & Whip Antennas

The ideal powerboat AIS package, including a CSB200 Class B Transponder, AG100 GPS Antenna, and AIS-MAST Whip Antenna.

Sailboat AIS Transponder Package with Splitter & GPS Antenna

Perfect package for sailboats, including CSB200-S Class B Transponder with built in Antenna Splitter, and AG100 GPS Antenna.

AST300 AIS / VHF Antenna Splitter

Shares an existing antenna between a VHF Radio Telephone and an AIS Transponder