New Product Focus: G300Ni Intelligent GPS Receiver with WiFi

Comar are pleased to introduce the second of our trio of new products the G300Ni, an intelligent GPS receiver designed as a powerful and flexible platform for remote GPS monitoring applications.

  • A simplified and affordable GPS network receiver
  • Features an ARMv8 microcomputer at it’s core for reliable and fast data processing
  • Networking enabled via Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Wide range of available NMEA GPS sentences
  • Perfect for remote monitoring of valuable mobile assets

Can be connected to a standard monitor/TV or laptop via the built in HDMI connection and are compatible with many software chart plotters e.g. OpenCPN making a cost-effective alternative to a traditional receiver + hardware plotter solution.

The units can be supplied without preinstalled OS as a development platform for customer to configure and calibrate for their own unique requirements, alternatively a standard OS set-up or a bespoke data management solution for more complex requirements can be supplied.

Comar Systems has long been regarded a communication and safety at sea specialist dedicated to providing the technology and quality of product that set industry standards.

Careful design and innovation provides commercial, leisure & military shipping the confidence their Comar equipment will work to, and beyond, their expectations when it is needed most.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at; sales@comarsystems.com for any additional information or help.


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