The i320W Bidirectional NMEA WiFi Interface enables you to set up a wireless network on-board to display or control your ships NMEA 0183 equipment including AIS.

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The i320W Bidirectional NMEA Wi-Fi Interface is an upgraded version of the i300W. It provides a low cost method of setting up a wireless network on-board (802.11b/g/n), enabling you to stream your boat’s NMEA 0183 electronic data, such as AIS data, position, depth, wind, compass heading to your tablet, smartphone, PC, or Wi-Fi enabled chart-plotter.

Simple to set up, the i320W has 2 NMEA inputs which are multiplexed to a single high speed data output which transmits NMEA 0183 data over Wi-Fi and provides communication with any suitable NMEA devices. With 2 inputs, it can accept NMEA 0183 data at 4800 from
any GPS, Chartplotter or other navigation instruments or 38,400 baud input from any AIS receiver or transponder, so you only need one unit to collect and transmit all the navigation data of your boat via the wireless gateway.

For a vessel with a Chartplotter at the nav station, using the Comar i320W NMEA to Wi-Fi interface, the helmsman can view all the navigation data on deck via a suitable device, and for boats with the Chartplotter at the helm, it’s possible to check all the critical navigation data down below, making your boat’s data truly portable.

Compatible with all major charting applications, tested with:Navionics, Aqua Map, AFTrack, iSailor, NV Charts, OpenCPN


  • For wireless re-transmission of NMEA 0183 AIS data
  • Up to 3 Wi-Fi connections and 5 TCP connections
  • Connects with Tablets, Smartphones, WiFi enabled Chartplotters etc.
  • Ideal for AIS monitoring at various stations on a small vessel
  • Use two i320W units to create a bidirectional NMEA over WiFi bridge
  • Comprehensive 802.11b/g/n network capability
  • Wi-Fi Client mode allows connecting to existing Wi-Fo networks
  • Quick to configure and easy to install
  • Two NMEA 0183 inputs with built in multiplexer. One NMEA 0183 output
  • Configurable Baud Rate
  • Supports TCP and UDP protocol in Server or Client Mode
  • Built-in USB port for local monitoring
  • Compact Aluminium Housing


  • A helmsman can view and/or all the navigation data on deck via a suitable device such as a smartphone or tablet
  • For boats with the Chartplotter at the helm, all the critical navigation data can be viewed from anywhere on the boat


Comar Systems’ range of AIS receivers
i300W – NMEA to Wi-Fi Interface


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Plan your trip, insert and edit waypoints, navigate your route and monitor distance, AIS targets and your boat’s NMEA data through the Comar i300W.

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