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Programming the T200B, T200B-S & CSB200, CSB200-S using ProAIS

This document gives help to distinguish between the different versions of the CSB200 / T200B Transponders and how to program each version.

Programming the T200B, T200B-S

Connecting to the T200B or T200B-S is straight forward. Please connect your unit with a USB type A to USB type B connector:

Allow enough time for the computer to automatically install the drivers in the background.
Download and install ProAIS2 from the following link:

ProAIS2 Software

Start ProAIS2 and select the virtual com port that relates to the connected T200B/-S.
Finally click “Connect” – From here you will be able to program the unit.

Programming the CSB200, CSB200-S

There are different versions of the CSB200/-S of which some require the older ProAIS version 1 and others require the newer ProAIS version 2 (ProAIS2) in order to be programmed. Unfortunately there is no clear cut to when ProAIS2 is to be used.

For the older models (everything before around 2015) please use version 1:

ProAIS Software (Legacy)

For the later versions please use version 2:

ProAIS2 Software

If you are not sure about how old your CSB200 might be, if the serial number starts with 00 and /or your device hasn’t got a USB connector at the back, most likely that you will need version 1.

If in doubt or version 1 does not work, just try version 2. You cannot damage your device by using the wrong ProAIS version. Worst case is that the wrong version displays an error when trying to connect to the device.

To program your unit through the serial port please always use the original Comar serial cable that came with your unit. Using a standard 1:1 serial connector can trigger an alarm with some of the units. If you lost your original cable please see the below section of this document which describes how to change a standard 1:1 serial extension cable in order to use it for programming the CSB200.

Once you have downloaded and installed the appropriate ProAIS software, start ProAIS, select the com port associated to the port that is connected to your device and click “Connect”. – From here you will be able to program the unit.

Legacy CSB200 serial cable

To connect to older models of the CSB200, you will need a physical connection via serial cable. Therefore you need a serial port (if not available on your computer/laptop you will also need a “USB to Serial adapter”) and a serial cable with 1 : 1 pinout.

Important: With older CSB200 models (everything before around 2015), pin 6 of the D-type connector has to be removed as it creates a contact that generates a Mayday alarm condition (see photo below)

Serial Connector Pins

If you happen to have changed the cable and discarded the old one, the pin can be physically removed by pulling it out with a pair of pliers (like pulling a tooth!). Alternatively, if the cable goes to bare tails rather than a female D-type, ensure that the black core is disconnected and not shorting on anything.

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