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COM100 Lightweight OEM AIS Receiver

Ideal for deployment in remote situations, where space, weight and reliability are critical factors. Specifically designed for use by system integrators in the professional market.

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The COM100 OEM AIS Receiver is a dual channel parallel synthesised AIS receiver in a small footprint PCB module suitable for integration into customer equipment. It provides NMEA 0183 serial data output with USB and Ethernet connection options. This lightweight unit is ideal for deployment in remote situations, where space, weight and reliability are critical factors.

The COM100 OEM AIS Receiver has been specifically designed for use by system integrators in the professional market and uses Comar’s well proven high sensitivity dual channel parallel receiver.


  • Industry Grade Dual Channel AIS Receiver (OEM)
  • Space saving, lightweight design
  • Ideal for remote mobile monitoring of sea traffic
  • Suitable for integrating into customer equipment
  • Provides NMEA 0183 AIS vessel data
  • NMEA 0183 output screw terminals
  • Rugged aluminium alloy housing – optional
  • Optional Ethernet and USB ports for local monitoring (FTDI VCP emulation)


  • Managing sea traffic in remote locations
  • Locating and tracking ships in remote areas
  • Monitoring fishing zones
  • Assisting in Search and Rescue operations


COM100N – Includes Network Connectivity
COM100U – Includes USB Connectivity
COM100NU – Includes USB & Network Connectivity


Weight: <70 g (PCB only) Dimensions: L 75mm W 76mm H 28mm max (PCB only) Mounting: 4 mounting holes Ø 3.5mm in base PCB Connections: Option: RJ45 Ethernet 10 / 100 Base-T Option: USB-Mini socket SMB Coaxial to antennaELECTRICAL

Power Supply: 12 V dc (9 – 18 V dc); 250 mA @ 12 V dc; Approx. 500 mA @ 5 V dc via USB connection
Antenna Impedance: 50 Ω


Frequency: Channel A 161.975 MHz, Channel B 162.025 MHz
Sensitivity: > -112 dBm @ 20% MER
Channel Spacing: 25 kHz
Demodulation: GMSK
Data Rate: 38400 Baud
Data Output: NMEA 0183; 38,400 Baud; VDM output message
Data Types Received: Name of Vessel; MMSI Number; Position; Speed (SOG); Course (COG); Type of Vessel; Call Sign; Heading; Rate of Turn; Navigational Status; Vessel Dimensions; Destination
Display: 3 Indicator LEDs (Red=Ch A; Red=Ch B; Green=Power)


IP Rating: n/a
Operating temp: -15°C to +55°C
Compass: Safe Distance 50 cm


Supplied: COM100 PCB receiver
Required: 50Ω antenna
Option: Aluminium alloy housing (no end plates)
Option: Alternate antenna connection position
Note 1: It may be necessary to separate the two boards to attach the antenna cable. This may be achieved by removing the 4x M3 screws from the top of the receiver board and separating the boards. Care should be taken to insert the interconnect correctly when re assembling. An SMB to BNC adaptor cable is available from Comar Systems if required.
Note 2: Please see: www.ftdichip.com/FTDrivers.htm for USB Drivers
Note 3: Please see https://www.lantronix.com/products/xport/ for X-Port installation information.

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